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Easy Service Marketplace Why this website ?

You are using NT, Linux, .. as SAP platform? EasyMarketplace.de

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!!! Activate your Single Sign On (SSO) in order to remove the many passwords requests !!!
Activate SSO     


Problems with locales like "Locale=`en_US.ISO8859-1' Lang=`E' ablocale.c" ?

Locale issues are most likely caused by to few installed OS locales.

1083644 iSeries: Problems with locales in 7.10


How to upgrade to V6R1M0 (V6R1) ? What problems should be prevented ?

V6R1 is the next major release for i5/OS. This one has a lot of changes and improvements. On the other hand, it needs object conversion as well. Therefore, you should prepare for this release.

Very new Database Monitor (Plan Cache) without Performance Problems on V5R4

IBM/SAP released a new Database Monitor, based on the Plan Cache, that has more or less no perfromance penalty at all. Therefore, it should be always turned on.

SAP delivers the new SAPGUI 7.10 - and it is really stable !

SAP now delivers the long term supported SAPGUI 7.10. As 6.40 runs out of maintenance in 12/2006, it might be useful for you to update to this level.

How to start Windows Application Servers in an SAP i5 System automatically ?

If you are running a 3-tier SAP system with several application servers, it is always a bit an issue to start and stop all servers at once. Therefore you should setup some special parameters.

Have a quick look at all Support Package Stacks

SAP provides Support Package Stacks in order to maintain all SAP systems easier and more reliable.

Now this really good overview is directly available as follows:


New "Java on iSeries Redbook" available !

IBM & SAP have created a new Rebook for all SAP Java on iSeries users in order to explain how to run Java on System i in the best way.

So, you should have a look at this book at:

DSAG SAPoniSeries Performance Workshop in Mulfingen/Germany

The DSAG will hold a new Performance Workshop for all customers - even ones that are not in the DSAG are welcome.

When ? Tu & We 12./13.9.06

Where ? EBM Papst in D-74673 Mulfingen

Who ?

New "SAP on iSeries Redbook" available !

IBM & SAP have created a new Rebook for all SAP on iSeries users in order to explain how to run SAP on System i in the best way.

Java iSeries Performance Optimization for e.g. XI and EP

In Java environments special system settings need to be applied in all operating systems in order to gain the best performance.

New Release Service Tools for Applications (ST-A/PI) 01H* of addon ST-A/PI is available

SAP offers the new version 01H* of the ST-A/PI toolset which becomes a requirement for all customer as of 15th June 2006.

New SDN Forum for SAP on iSeries (SAP Developer Network)

SAP provides for customers and interested persons a forum to discuss problems and other things.

Kernel Patches for System i are now easier to find !

There was a long time because of internal changes in the Service Marketplace the problem, that you had to navigate quite a lot for getting to the real kernel patches on the Service Marketplace.

Thanks to the information of 2 nice SAP colle ...

V5R4 is certified in time with SAP - just 2 days after IBM release !!!

V5R4 is the latest OS for i5 and similar AS/400 Hardware. Because of compatibility reasons, V5R3M5 could be used instead.

The following Kernel Patches are required for V5R4:

  • 7.00: Patch 47

  • 6.40: Patc ...

V5R3M5 Infoapar II14125 is available in the Internet now

V5R3M5 is used for running the new hardware on a more or less good tested OS/400 V5R3M0 which is identical above the LIC.

Long Runnning Commits with PTF SI19707 ?

If you are seeing long runnning commits since you applied the last bunch of PTFs, you should have a look at PTF SI20720 - this one (which is in the current infoapar already) will solve your issue.

Setup a SAProuter with SNC on iSeries (AS/400) - Workshop / Example

General information on SNC SAProuter

All platforms:


iASP Optimizations for Faster "real 2-Tier" are Released Now !

iASP - Now a faster 2-Tier Solution is available without the QXDARECVR shadow jobs.

New iSeries Codepage-Conversion Class UABC92 in Germany (24./25.10.05)

Everybody, that would like to do the codepage conversion from EBCDIC to ASCII on its own, should register for this class, as this class UABC92 is taught only very rarely and perhaps the last time.

6.20 Kernel Patches are no Longer Available at SAP

SAP ended the maintenance for the 6.20 Kernel as the 6.40 Kernel is fully downward compatible with the 30.06.2005. Since then no 6.20 patches are avaiable any more.

List of all ISO Codes with Country Names in English and German for the TLDs

ISO Codes build the basis of the top level domains (TLD, TLDs) with their domain suffix. Here you can find out the country for each of them.

Necessary Kernel Patches for 4.6D and 6.20 !

In the iSeries Kernel was found a major memory overwriting issue, that is described in note 791219. It is fiexed with patch 2028 or 1865.

Hot News: RSBTCDEL deletes more jobs than it should in 4.6C up to 6.40 & 7.00 (note 837691)

SAP created a hot news, because the reorg job for batch jobs "sometimes" - obviously somehow in the support packages SAPKB46C50 und SAPKB62050 - deletes a lot more than expected and therefore deletes data.
So, it is strongly recommended to ...

Receive Kernel Patch CDs for iSeries (AS/400) Completely Patched and just with LODRUN to Install

Order your fully patched Kernel CDs instead of taking the risk of patching them yourself with all the known problems.

All SAP Transaction Codes with Report and Description

Here you can see all SAP transaction codes and the called reports including a short header description.

ASCII & EBCDIC Code Page Overview for Nearly all Single Byte Code Pages in PDFs

PDF Files show each character of each ASCII & EBCDIC code page. So, you can find the hex codes of your desired character very easy.

SAP Security Check - Vulnerability is Everywhere a Problem - Detect it Now !

SAP offers a new remote service focused on the security settings of customer installations. With this service the vulnerability of SAP systems can be strongly reduced.

Optimize the performance on your V5R2 & V5R3 SAP System (as of 4.6D Kernel)

SAP released a new kernel (or better: lib_dbsl) patch with a new functionality for performance optimization. OS/400 V5R2 & V5R3 have a special new "Optimze for All I/O" function, that is now used for SAP Queries.
As SAP normally fetches ...

SAP Changes the Dial In Number for ISDN sapserv3 Dial In at 1.1.2005 !

SAP reduces a lot of phone numbers for the sapserv3 dial in to Walldorf and replaces this with one unique number +49 180 1 SAPNET.

SAP did several changes to the SAP Service Marketplace

The Download Center in the SAP Service Marketplace has been changed. Therefore the links were changed as well.

Bücher-Forum - die freundliche Buchhandlung in St.Ingbert im Saarland (german bookshop)

Die nette & junge Buchhandlung, die sich um jeden Kunden individuell kümmert und auch alle Bücher ohne Mindestbestellwert bundesweit kostenlos versendet.

SAPNet R/3 Frontend (OSS) SAP Message Paste - cut&paste your memos to SAP OSS very easy into the short OSS fields

Text pad converter to insert line-break suited for SAPNet R/3 Frontend (OSS, Online Service System) memos.

All SAP User Exits (SMOD/CMOD) on one view

SAP uses an User Exit (SMOD/CMOD) in order to make an enhancement of customers a lot more convenient. There are very many user exits available within SAP.

6.40 Kernel for iSeries (AS/400) now available for patch download

The 6.40 Kernel is downward compatible down to 6.10 systems and will replace the 6.20 Kernel.

Just have a l ...

IBM Software Knowledge Base

Search very easy for all iSeries (AS/400) related things in the IBM Software Knowledge base.

!!! Certification of OS/400 release V5R3 is done !!!

Now, all necessary PTFs on the infoapar are approved.

The following kernel patches are necessary and available for V5R3 with iSeries (AS/400, AS400):
6.40: 19
6.20: 1505
4.6D: 1849 (EXT Kernel only)
4.5B: ...

All the SAP Online Help in PDFs - Very Easy to Find - A Really Good Tutorial ...

SAP Online Help (which is not in PDF files) can be printed only relatively complex and be found even sometimes as well. Therefore these PDFs are very helpful and they are a good tutorial for users. (Attention: This website is about 170KB large!)

Display any SAP Note Immediately via Note Number!

Sometimes you know the SAP note number already, but have to issue many clicks until you reach the contents. Here you see the solution ...

SPAM Problems could occur with different kernel patches ...

In order to not risk inconsistent nametabs, you should check your kernel level for an "bad level".

V5R3 Infoapar II13868 Link Available on this Homepage Now

As V5R3 was certified a while ago, we implemented this link in the IBM Infoapars links as well.

So,you can have a look at:
http://ww ...

Download QXDAEDRS.DLL in a correct running version

Sometimes the qxdaedrs.dll, that is available for download is not running proper. Then you wished to get an older version. Here it is ...

Logon to the SMP with your mail adress and get notified by SMS or mail when a ticket goes to customer action !

Just edit the mail adress or cellphone number of your cellphone (unfortunately only D1 & D2 in germany) in your S-user data and then you become informed automatically!

But for mail notification this feature works worldwid ...

STRSQL - How to run SQL commands on any IBM iSeries (AS/400) in Batch/Dialog and that even without SQL/400 license ?

The STRSQL Toolkit uses the full functionality of the IBM built in SQL engine in any iSeries (AS/400). It is free and behaves very similar to the IBM SQL/400 command STRSQL.

!!! New free maintenance extension from SAP for several products !!!

SAP extends the maintenance for several products (e.g. R/3 4.6C, BW, ...) at no extra charge in order to support the customers in using the investments for a longer period of time.

SAP Kernel Programs - the most interesting ones ... (dw, tp, r3trans, sapinst, r3load, r3setup, ...)

This website gives an overview on the most often used, needed and patched SAP Executables, so that you can get an overview where they are used for and how to update them.

'7-Zip' - a totally free file archiver with highest compression ratio - far better than WinZip

7-Zip has highest Compression ratios, is totally free, supports e.g. ZIP, CAB, RAR, ARJ, GZIP, TAR, 7z, compresses better than WinZip even in ZIP Files and has several more nice features.

Problems with SAPOSCOL when mixing EXT and non-EXT Kernels

When using different SAP Systems on one iSeries Server with different Kernel-Versions problems with SAPOSCOL can happen.

Because of using new IBM functionality with the EXT Kernels, it was no longer possible to put the SA ...

SAPCAR (CAR) - the ZIP-Utility of SAP - How does it work ?

SAPCAR (older version was called CAR) is a compress utility (similar to winzip, tar, etc.), that is used by SAP to compress and decompress nearly all delivered files.

Sorry for the offline time on friday and saturday of this web-page

We are hosting our web-site at the cheap and by now very stable provider Global Interactive.
They are running the environment on Linux. Unfortunately there came up a "root exploit" a few days ago and ...

Old Support Packages and EXT Kernels are available again

SAP moved all Patches again to useful positions on the Service Marketplace, where it is able to find them. We updated all the links on this page as well so that you can access everything very easy as used to.

Attention when looking for Support Packs or Kernel Patches !!!

SAP moved all Patches (Support packages & Kernel Patches) for 3.1I up to 4.6B to special Archive areas ! For more information read here.

Happy new Year 2004 !!!

The Easy Marketplace Team wishes everybody a happy new year 2004 and that as many of your wishes as possible become true.

Your Easy Marketplace Team

Print your detail pages of the Easy Marketplace with a printer friendly layout

Printer friendly layout is now supported on every detail page of the Easy Marketplace. 
On every detail page, you will find a link "[Print It!]" in the top. If you hit on this link, a new window opens with jus ...

You want to check all runtime objects and database objects for consistency ?

SAP SE11 can show you per table the consistency of the runtime and database obejects. If you want to do this for all tables, you should have a look at report RUTMSJOB - for sure run it in background (DDIC Check, nametab).< ...

SAP EXT Kernels for iSeries (AS/400, AS400) are available now

Get the latest SAP Kernels for your SAP Release. SAP provides with the extension of the maintenance for all old SAP releases new EXT kernels as well.

SAP R/3 4.6C SP45 and Performance Problems ?

If you see performance problems after implementing Support Package 45 (SP45) in 4.6C or SP 14 in 4.70 in the reporting area, you should have a special look at ...

SAP R3up Upgrade Alert Monitoring for everybody for free - and this even without using UA!

SAP provides an R3up Upgrade Alert Monitoring for the Upgrade Assistent. This is an Exit for a Trigger Program, that will be called in case of an Alert.

Find all transactions in the SAP Menu Tree - sometimes difficult - now very easy ...

If you are searching for special SAP Menu Items and do not know the transaction code or the exact position in the menu tree, it is always a bit complex - but now very easy!

Just try the following transactions:
- ...

PDF Creation from all SAP Spools - just with a single Standard ABAP !

Report RSTXPDFT4 does everything for you!
Just use SA38 or SE38 and run the report RSTXPDFT4. If you want to use this functionality through your whole company it might be useful to create a transaction for it in order to make it ...

Who Is Search - Search for the Owner of every Domain in the World Wide Web

You are interested to know which company or person is behind a new found domain ? Just use the WhoIs service for every Top Level Domain.

'Easyzip 2000' - the freeware alternative to WinZip for creating your ZIP files

ZIP tools were really a great innovation within the last 10 years. They are able to compress text by factor 10 and most EXE files by about factor 2. The most often used tool is definetely Winzip. But, as it is shareware (and not too che ...

Support Releases and corresponding Support Package status

If you want to know with what Support Package level the SAP Installation or Upgrade Kits for the different releases are shipped with, you should have a look at

Problems with the Java usage during the upgrade to 4.7 R/3 Enterprise or other 6.20 based products ?

If you are upgrading to a 6.20 based product, R3UP needs Java by default as described in the SAP upgrade manual, even when it is not really used. If you should run into problems with this, you could use the following environment variable in or ...

You are running Regatta Hardware and want to benefit on the latest optimizations for the SAP Kernel ?

Get the most out of your iSeries running SAP R/3 - just get the new kernel and feel the difference.

FreePDF 2.0 - Create your PDFs for free without any advertisment !!!

Download of a free tool, that creates any PDFs on your PC. This works similar to Adobe Acrobat.

Interested in Preventing Unwanted Side Effects Caused by SAP Notes ?

A new reporting tool is now available on the SAP Service Marketplace that helps you protect your SAP solution from unwanted side effects that can occasionally occur after you have applied Support Packages or SAP Notes.

Benefit from the new concept of 'SAP Support Package Stacks' !

The SAP Support Package strategy will be extended for certain product versions to Support Package Stacks (SP Stacks).

Make use of the new 'SAP Product Availability Matrix'

The Product Availability Matrix bundles technical and release planning information on SAP components for quick reference.

New site www.EasyMarketplace.de running ...

Because of the high usage and the feedback we decided to combine the website www.4soi.de and www.4asu.de on www.easymarketplace.de and enhance this service for you.
This site is now no longer only static HTML, but is running based on PHP & MyS ...

Windows Application Server customers need the latest file 'qxdaedrs.dll'

Since the R/3 4.6C GLS (ASCII) solution every customer can use Windows (2000 and 2003, ...) based application servers as well. This makes APO possible, because there is the livecache necessary, that is not available on iSeries.
But, the other ...

Display VT Keyboard Map for VT100-Emulation on iSeries (AS/400)

This is a nice small description, that shows you how to use (on an easy way ?) the telnet.exe of any PC when logging on to iSeries (AS/400).

New Codepage Conversion CD available !

As you know, the codepage conversion needs to be done on 4.6C (or 4.6B) level on any iSeries (AS/400) system. In order to provide you with a higher and newer kernel (Patchlevel 1444 with automatic support for V5R2), SAP delivers a new CPC CD for you. ...

SAProuter Installation with SNC via the Internet - reduce your costs !

SAProuter & Internet - Reduce your monthly costs with setting up the support connection to SAP via the internet with SNC and therefore completely 128 Bit encrypted.

Get the good Text-Editor Textpad

Textpad - Free Download of a very useful and powerful Text-Editor for your PC. (ultraedit, notepad, wordpad, sappad)

PDF995 - Create any PDFs at your PC free of charge!

Free Download of a small tool, that creates any PDFs on your PC for free. This works similar to Adobe Acrobat.

Get rid of your CapsLock Key!

You want to remove the Capslock key as well because it ONLY creates trouble and no advantage ? Then you should activate the small registry file on this website.

USA: New iSeries Codepage-Conversion Class in Philadelphia & Dallas !

Everybody, that would like to do the codepage conversion from EBCDIC to ASCII on its own, should register for this class soon so that they become NOT canceled.
The exact dates are:
Philadelphia : 2003/10/20(10:00)-2003/10/21(16:00 ES ...

!!! 4.6D/6.20 Memory Overwriting problem fixed !!!

Fortunately, one of the strangest errors, that we ever had, is fixed now. This problem occurs totally random and often needs a restart of the SAP system! It was never reproducible which made it a really horrible problem for all the developers.

New iSeries Codepage-Conversion Class in Walldorf at 27./28.10.2003

Everybody, that would like to do the codepage conversion from EBCDIC to ASCII on its own, should register for this class, as this class is taught only very rarely.
You can book the 2 days class UABC92 at: ...

New NECESSARY Kernel-CDs are available for 4.6D

The Patch-Level of these CDs is 1444. It is NOT possible, to apply patches greater than 1444 with the older CDs. So, it is really necessary for any 4.6x customer, to order these CDs!
4.6D AKK (DCK) EBCDIC: 51019715
4.6D AKK (DCK) ...

Special Support-Tools site available now!

If you are looking for SAP Solution Manager SPs, Plug-Ins, Note-Assistent or something similar, you should have a deeper look at:
Different SAP Support Tools !

Homogeneous Systemcopy for 6.20 based products

You should have a look to note 585277 !

Holzhandlung Friederichs - Holz Mönchengladbach - Ihr kompetenter Partner in Rheydt

Holz ... starke Ideen in Holz - Holzhandlung Friederichs in Mönchengladbach ist auch der starken Holzland-Genossenschaft angeschlossen. Damit können wir Ihnen beste Ware zu bezahlbaren Preise immer schnell anbieten.

Important SAP notes for SAP on iSeries

Have a look to very useful notes for SAP on iSeries useful notes for SAP on iSeries. If you have some more ideas, just let us know via the feedback area.

4.6B EBCDIC => have a look at note 599700

If you are on 4.6B EBCDIC, you should have a look to note 599700 for checking a direct upgrade to R/3 Enterprise.

Attention when upgrading your OS/400 to V5R1 or V5R2

When upgrading to V5R1 or V5R2 have a look to the notes 392165 + ...

Really good page for DB2 UDB for Unix and NT Customers!!!


Implementing Independent ASP (IASP) with V5R2 (Note 568820)

If you want to make use of the new OS/400 feature IASP with V5R2 in order to increase the availablility of your SAP systems a lot cheaper than with the "normal HA Solutions", you should have a "deeper" look to note ...

SAPCrypto Lib for iSeries (AS/400) is available now (Note 567853)

SAPCrypto Lib for iSeries is available now (Note 567853).
If you are running the SAProuter on iSeries and plan to switch to the cheaper version to s ...

You are searching for education via an SAP Class / Course?

Search any SAP Course here !


IBM extends the maintainance of V5R1 and V5R2 significantly!

IBM extends the maintainance of V5R1 and V5R2 significantly!

The Program Support Extension for V5R1 will end not before 05/31/2 ...

Problems with the Internet speed to SAP via the Service Marketplace (SMP) ?

If you are experienceing slow access to SAP Web-Sites, this can be caused due to several reasons. In order to support customers in optimizing this, there is a special componente "XX-SER-SAPSMP-ACC" (SAP Service Marketplace - Access) for measur ...



Volker Sudhoff aus Neuss, AvH, Abi88, Albert-Schweitzer-Grundschule

Volker Sudhoff - diese Website ist für alle, die den neuen Nachnamen GÜLDENPFENNIG von Volker nicht kennen :-(((

Abi 88 - Alexander-von-Humboldt Gymnasium (AvH), Neuss - Abitur 1988

Dieses soll die Web-Seite mit allen Adressen der Abi88 Stufe werden. Sollte sich bei Euch seit 1988 die Adresse geändert haben, bitte unbedingt melden! Danke, Volker

IDES 4.7 (R/3 Enterprise) for iSeries (AS/400) is available now !

For all the ones, that already want to get a slight feeling of the new R3 Enterprise functionalities, should have a look to the newly available IDES version of 4.7. As we are having "millions" of tables more in there, this consumes now about 100GB (a ...

Now, there is a page for all other platforms available as well!

As this web-site has frequent hits, this service is obviously welcome. So, we decided to extend this service for all other SAP platforms as well.
If you are interested, just have a look at:


SAP on iSeries Usergroup Nordic meets in Denmark next to the german border

The meeting will take place on november 27 at
"ECCO Sko A/S", Industrivej 5, Bredebro, Denmark.< ...

Every iSeries (AS/400) ASCII customer on V5R1 should delete QADRT now

Have a look to note
for this issue.

Special information day at 22.10.2002 for all AS/400 customers at Steeb in Germany

Special Information-day at 22.10.2002 for all AS/400 customers at Steeb in Germany
(Steeb is a 100% daughter company of SAP, that mostly covers AS/400 customers because of there history)


!!! Certification of OS/400 release V5R2 is done !!!

Now, all necessary PTFs on the infoapar are approved.

The following kernel patches are necessary and available for V5R2 with iSeries (AS/400):
6.20: 346
4.6D: 1278
4.5B: 840
4.0B: 953
3.1I: 684

Certification of V5R2 for SAP on iSeries

SAP certified the V5R2 with all the PTFs of the current

How to create direct links to SAP notes in the Service Marketplace (SMP)

If you want to setup yourself a web-site with interesting notes, you can use the following link-technique for having this always up to date:

Direct Link to the SPAM/SAINT Update now available in the Support Package area

Direct Link to the SPAM/SAINT-Update in the SAP Service Marketplace is now available in the Support Package area.

General information on Unicode on the SAP Service Marketplace


New SAPNet R/3 Frontend available

Have a look to the web-page:


SAP Belgium teaches the special R/3 on AS/400 Admin courses

These are the courses BC370 and BC525 in 5 instead of 8 days!

Date: 23 - 27 September 2002
Duration: 5 days, instead of 8
Registration Fee: 2.650 euro p.p. excl VAT
Course Locatio ...

APYR3FIX in a new version for the SAP Service Marketplace

As the SAP Service Marketplace works a bit different than sapservx, we enhanced the command APYR3FIX for this option. The new APYR3FIX is available for any release in the kernel-patch area for iSeries (AS/400). For more details, please have a look ...

Information on the SAP Solution Manager

If you are searching for information about the SAP Solution manager, you should have a look to the following quick-link:


New Codepage Conversion class in Walldorf

  • Rot next to Walldorf, Germany: 2002/10/24(10:00)-2002/10/25(16:00 CET)

You can book the 2 days class UABC92 at:


Codepage Conversion (CPC) from EBCDIC to ASCII is GA now

You can find all the necessary information about the Codepage Conversion at:
CPC Information

Latest IDES version is out for iSeries (AS/400) as well

The latest IDES version R/3 4.6C with Support Pack 28 is out now. More information is available at http://service.sap.com/ides . You will receive 2 DVDs, that can be copied from your PC to the I ...

Codepage Conversion classes for the EBCDIC => ASCII conversion

As all customers running on iSeries need to move on 4.6C from EBCDIC to ASCII you should take the opportunity and join one of the following classes (especially because they are not taught too often):

  • San Francisco, USA: ...

Information about the Codepage Conversion on iSeries is available in the Service Marketplace now

Information about the Codepage Conversion on iSeries is available in the Service Marketplace now !


Please send your feedback to the new look&feel

In order to improve this site more and more to your needs, please let us know a bit feedback to this new look & feel:
What should be changed and enhanced ?
What links could be included ?

Just send your feedback via the f ...

New enhanced SAPoniSeries site is available now

This site is now hosted at Strato in germany. The availability will hopefully be better than on the old page.

When does the next SAP Support Package comes out ?

Support Packages Schedule (planned availability)

You can find a link in the Support Packages area from now on.


Fortunately this problem is solved now with the following kernel
patches:(You need the latest LIBRFC as well)
3.1I: Kernel-Patch 664
4.0B: Kernel-Patch 922
4.5B: Kernel-Patch 791

Interested in news and other interesting information around the SAPGui ?

You can find a link in the SAPGui patches area from now on.

Ordering SAP CDs easy ?

In the left launch pad you do have now the new link to
"Order CDs".
There all CDs can b ...

How to download any SAP CD ??? (kernel, sapgui, export, ...)

SAP has now more or less all CDs available for download for you.
You may want to have a look at:
You can find a link in the top ...

SAP APO 3.1 becomes pilot on iSeries DB2/400 ASCII

If you should be interested in becoming a pilot for this product in the next months, you should contact the IBM SAP competence center in Walldorf.
They can let you know the details.

6.20 SAPGui Patches are now available

6.20 SAPGui Patches
are now available.
If you are planning to install a SAPGui on new PCs you perhaps might want to consider to use the 6.2 ...

Future Directions mySAP.com on IBM eServer iSeries


!!! SAP extends the maintenance of all R/3 releases !!!

SAP announced, that the the maintenance of the releases
R/3 3.1I, 4.0B, 4.5B and 4.6B
are extended by 4 months up to december 2003. If it will be
necessary, this period can be extended by 1 year for a by 2% points
higher m ...

6.10 SAPGUI users should update to patch #18

6.10 SAPGUI users should update to patch #18

There are a lot of known incomptibilities with 6.10 SAPGUIs and
EBCDIC SAP syste ...

Unfortunately in german only: A very good source for ABAP description and other stuff of SAP


(This is "just for fun" made from a german consultant, but really interesting.)

6.20 SAPGui Patches are available soon

Link to the soon available

6.20 SAPGui Patches
implemented in the SAPGui Patches Area.

Searching for a special topic on the SAP Service Marketplace ?

Searching for a special topic on the Marketplace ?

If you are searching a real specific topic on the marketplace where you don't know where to find, you should look through t ...

!!! IBM extends the V4R5 maintenance up to 12/31/2002 !!!

IBM just announced, that the maintenance of V4R5 will be extended till the end of 2002. This will give customers the opportunity to immediately jump from V4R5 to V5R2 that will come out in september/october timeframe.

Status Tracking is enhanced to the complete inbox now

Status Tracking
is enhanced to the complete inbox now.

Activate Single Sign On (SSO) in the SAP Service Marketplace

This is really a larger benefit for you and just takes only seconds. Then you never have to enter your S-User-ID and the password again, even if the SAP-Servers change there names and so on!
Use the following link to just activate SSO in your ...

Status Tracking

Status Tracking
+ Service Connection is now available.
These links are available as links in the left launchpad a ...

Birkenstock Schuhe - Der Versandkostenfreie Online Shop für alle Birkstock Modelle

Im Schuh-Werk gibt es alle Birkenstock Schuhe & Sandalen & Sandaletten - einfach das komplette Programm zu sehr günstigen Preisen.

Ohrstöpsel aus Silikon - die sichere Alternative durch Ohrstöpsel der neuesten Generation

Wellnoise Ohrstöpsel - hier bekommen Sie die in Tests immer am besten abschneidenden Ohrstöpsel. Einfach Ohrstöpsel der neuesten Generation.

Himatrek - Ihr Spezialist für individuelle Himalaya-Reisen

Tauchen Sie ein, in die geheimnisumwobene und mythische Welt des tibetischen Buddhismus. Erleben Sie Kultur und die religiösen Rituale der Tibeter.

Ohrenstöpsel aus Silikon - die sichere Alternative durch Ohrenstöpsel der neuesten Generation

Wellnoise Ohrenstöpsel - hier bekommen Sie die in Tests immer am besten abschneidenden Ohrenstöpsel. Einfach Ohrenstöpsel der neuesten Generation.

Himatrek - Von Nepal in das Himalaya ...

Vom subtropischen Dschungel bis hinauf zu den glitzernden über 8.000 m emporragenden Eisriesen des Himalaya erwartet Sie in Nepal eine atemberaubende Landschaft und Kultur.

Apothekenkarten - Gesundheitskarten - der günstige und zuverlässige Lieferant

Wir bieten Ihnen Apothekenkarten, gestaltet vollständig nach Ihren Wünschen, sehr günstig und zuverlässig an.

Pension Rosi - Bad Grönenbach - Hotel Garni Rosi Brommler - Kurlaub - Haus Rosi

Pension Rosi im Kneipp-Kurort Bad Grönenbach - das ideale Hotel Garni für einen günstigen Kurlaub in gemütlicher Atmosphäre mit Pool & Sauna im Hause.

KremminIT - IT-Consulting Carsten Kremmin - Ihr Dienstleister durch die IT-Kommunikationslandschaften

Als ein modernes Unternehmen wollen wir Sie gerne auch online mit allen Informationen rund um unsere IT-Dienstleistungs Angebote versorgen.

Schauen Sie doch einfach mal rein unter:

IT ...

DCW Anwendergruppe - Austauschen von allen Problemen und Fragen rund um DCW Software

- Gründung einer neuen und unabhängigen DCW Anwendergruppe (DCW Usergroup) -

DCW Software mit Sitz in Mannheim ist eine Firma, die eine auf der AS/400, iSeries, von ...

WELLNOISE Silikon Ohrenstopfen - ENERGIZER Hörgerätebatterien - AUTODROP

Wellneuss - der faire Partner im Gesundheitsmarkt für WELLNOISE Silikon Ohrenstopfen, ENERGIZER Hörgerätebatterien und AUTODROP-Applikationshilfe.

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