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Easy Service Marketplace Why this website ?

iSeries (AS/400) Codepage Conversion from EBCDIC to ASCII with 4.6C or 4.6B

You are looking for an experienced CPC Consultant ?

Just contact Volker Gueldenpfennig

You have general questions to this topic ?

Have a look to the special Q&A document for the CPC!
(If you should have more questions, please let us know your feedback, so that we can include your new question as well!)

For further Information for the Code Page Conversion (CPC) have a look to the following link:

Information Page in the Service Marketplace for the Codepage Conversion

Codepage Conversion Guides

The following documentation on the Codepage Conversion is available in PDF format.

InPlace Codepage Conversion Guide (for latin-1 systems (0120) only)

Export/Import Codepage Conversion Guide (for all systems, but slower)

If you need to order the Codepage Conversion Kit, you can order the CD 51020297 (Please do NO longer use CD 51017882!). But, please do this ONLY, if you really want to convert soon, otherwise, it is useful to wait, because most likely the software will become enhanced in the meantime.
The next point is, that the order of this CD stops all EBCDIC shipments for this installation number. This means, that you no longer will be able to order e.g. an 4.6C SR2 Upgrade or a new EBCDIC Kernel CD, as your installation was already converted to ASCII.

In order to do the Codepage Conversion, you either need to be certified via the course UABC92 or you need a consultant that is certified for the Codepage Conversion or certified for OS/DB Migration.

You can book the 2 days Support Academy Class UABC92 at:

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