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New SDN Forum for SAP on iSeries (SAP Developer Network)

Welcome to the SAP Developer Network
Using the SAP on i5/OS forum

Jan Stallkamp

This as PDF : http://www.4soi.de/Welcome_to_SDN.pdf

1 Introduction

The SAP Developer Network (SDN) is an active online community where developers and users of SAP software can share their experiences and find information about SAP products and technologies. In addition to a technical library, developer blogs and download areas where you can find a lot of useful information there are the SDN forums. These forums are intended to give all users the possibility to participate in the SAP community.
In the past years the users of SAP systems on IBM’s System i5 platform built up a very lively community. As many SAP users are nowadays SDN members we decided to offer a special forum dedicated to this platform. In the future all database and operating system platforms will offer such a forum in the SDN.
We would like to invite you to this new SAP on i5/OS forum. Be part of the community!

2 How to register

The SAP developer network can be found under the URL https://sdn.sap.com. Further information about the SDN can be found at https://sdn.sap.com/irj/sdn/about. If you just want to look around then you don’t have to register yourself but to post messages to the forum and for some other functionalities you will have to register as an SDN member.
The registration for the SDN is completely free. Just follow the ‘not a member’ link in the login area. Or go directly to https://sdn.sap.com/irj/sdn/register. Just fill out the form and click on ‘register’. Some minutes later you will receive an email with your user ID and your initial password.
You should change your password after the first login. Go to the ‘profile management’ menu in the upper right corner of the webpage and choose ‘Change Password’. In the same menu you will find ‘Update Profile’. There you can add some further information about yourself that might be of interest for other SDN members.

3 First steps in the SDN

With your new account you have full access to the SDN. Feel free to explore the SDN and find everything you’re looking for. The main focus for us in the SAP on i5 community will be our forum. You can get there by choosing ‘Forums’ in the main navigation bar, choosing ‘Database & OS Platforms’ as the category and then ‘SAP on DB2 UDB for i5/OS (DB4)’. Or you directly go to https://sdn.sap.com/irj/sdn/forum?forumID=186.
If you’re logged in as an SDN member you can now use the forum by posting messages. Ask your questions, help others struggling with some problem you have solved, share your experiences and be part of the community.
For testing purposes you can use the ‘Test & Playground Forum’ in the ‘SDN Discussion’ category. There you can just play around and find out how to post messages and to use the forum.
A feature of the SDN forums is the possibility to mark questions as solved or unsolved so that one can see the status of a discussion right in the overview. If you enter a forum just look on the small stars right beside the posting titles.

4 Being part of the community

As in every community there are some rules. Please read the ‘Rules of Engagement’ that are posted in most SDN forums. See https://sdn.sap.com/irj/sdn/thread?threadID=126838&tstart=0 for this message. Using the following URL you will find the Community Guidelines for the SDN:
A special feature of the SDN forum concept is the concept of rewarding helpful postings. If you have asked a question then you are able to give others who helped you some points. For each question you have 10 points to give to all the helping community members. More information about the rewarding system is given in the ‘Rules of Engagement’

5 Getting help

If you need further help you can use the online help. The website of the SDN support might also be a good starting point. Please use the following URLs:

Welcome to the SDN community and especially to the SAP on DB2 UDB for i5/OS forum!

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