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Problems with SAPOSCOL when mixing EXT and non-EXT Kernels

When using different SAP Systems on one iSeries Server with different Kernel-Versions problems with SAPOSCOL can happen.

Because of using new IBM functionality with the EXT Kernels, it was no longer possible to put the SAPOSCOL shared memory into SLS (Single Level Store), but it had to be changed to Teraspace.

So, if you now run an EXT System (or 6.20 with the latest patches) and an non-EXT system, you can expect, that SAPOSCOL runs only for one of the system but not for all of them.

You should move to the EXT Kernels and to the latest 6.20 Patches for all SAP systems on one iSeries (AS/400, AS400) server in an as minimal timeframe as possible.

Further information will be available in note 692247 soon. (Currently this note is not really up to date.)

But, all SAP systems will still run OK - even when you are having an incompatible mixture of kernels. The only point is that SAPOSCOL does not work for all your systems. This results in the point, that the ST06 and OS06 transaction will not be provided with current data.

( AS/400, AS400, OS/400, OS400 )

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