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Easy Service Marketplace Why this website ?

You are running Regatta Hardware and want to benefit on the latest optimizations for the SAP Kernel ?

The new 4.6D EXT Kernel (ASCII & EBCDIC!) which will be delivered for any platform in December 2003 or January 2004 is available for iSeries already now in a "pre-version" for all interested customers.

What has changed ?

SAP starts making use of the new optimization options available since V5R1 (e.g. 8 byte pointer support) and special optimization for the Regatta Hardware which is Power4 CPU technology - built in 825, 870 and 890.

The new EXT Kernel has shown on Power4 CPUs up to 25% CPU reduction of the SAP kernel and in other hardware more than 15%.
Unfortunately, this doesn't mean, that the response time shrinks down by 25%, because there is database time etc. as well, that will not change. But, you can expect a reduction by 5-10% on Power4 Hardware and this just with installation of a new kernel! A Kernel, that will become the default shipment by the end of 2003.
On older hardware this will result in 3-8% response time reduction - so, even here it might be interesting - especially in CPU constraint environments.

Useful further ressources for you are available at:

  • Currently necessary CDs:
    • ASCII: CD 51020361
    • EBCDIC: CD 51020362
  • A complete description of the optimizations and so on is available in the following PDF:
  • How to order what CD is described in SAP note 657377
  • How to activate the kernel best (including a useful SGEN description as the platform id changes) is described in SAP note 611946
  • How to enable the "Main Storage affinity" option for the new Power4 CPUs is described in SAP note 647616
( AS/400, AS400, OS/400, OS400 )

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