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Easy Service Marketplace Why this website ?

SAP EXT Kernels for iSeries (AS/400, AS400) are available now

Get the latest SAP Kernels for your SAP Release!

SAP provides with the extension of the maintenance for all old SAP releases new EXT kernels as well. This is necessary for several platforms as the DB-client interfaces of the DB-vendors, that are part of the kernel shipment are no longer in maintenance at the DB-Vendor and new DB Releases have to be supported as well.

On iSeries this is not the problem, because the "DB-Client-Interface" resides on the iSeries and is shipped from IBM as XDA interface via several Service Programs (SRVPGMs). But the iSeries team used this opportunity as well in order to get a lot of latest development and technology into the older kernels.

Therefore SAP provides for all kernels from 3.1I up to 4.6D new EXT Kernel CDs. For iSeries (AS/400) the CD numbers are as follows and can be ordered as of now:
  • 31I : CD51020600
  • 40B : CD51020599
  • 45B : CD51020598
  • 46D-E: CD51020587
  • 46D-A: CD51020581
(For all other platforms, they are available as well. You should have a look at the SAP Software Shop)

All kernels need at least OS/400 V5R1M0 as OS release. Both 4.6D Kernels (ASCII & EBCDIC) benefit of the latest Power4 Optimizations and other optimizations for older Hardware as described on the website IBM Regatta Hardware.

Because of the 64 bit IFS access, that is fully available with V5R1, you can use Export Files up to 256 GB. This may sometimes be interesting, when doing a client export of a large client especially in releases of 3.1I or 4.0B because the split functionality does not exist on these releases.

So, you should have a look and order them right away in order to test them soon and benefit as much as possible.

As soon as you have these new CDs you should download the latest kernel patches from the Service Marketplace as well and should activate the new and patched kernels through your system landscape.

( AS/400, AS400, OS/400, OS400 )

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