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Easy Service Marketplace Why this website ?

Windows Application Server customers need the latest file 'qxdaedrs.dll'

Since the R/3 4.6C GLS (ASCII) solution every customer can use Windows (2000 and 2003, ...) based application servers as well. This makes APO possible, because there is the livecache necessary, that is not available on iSeries.
But, the other customers can use this as well in order to have cheaper application servers and combine this with a very stable database server DB2/400.

So, this solution will become more and more common and shows already now, that it works very good, if all patches are installed - here the most interesting point is the XDA-driver for windows, that is called qxdaedrs.dll.

But, you have to ensure, to have the latest version of this installed in your winnt/system32 directory. This driver is maintained on the following IBM website ONLY (that means, that you mostly receive an old driver via the client access service pack !):


So, please do yourself a favour and ensure, that you use the latest there available driver in order to benfit very soon from the latest development - as this driver is changing frequently - and still improving a lot!

If you should run into problems with the latest version, grap the perfect running version from here!

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