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Easy Service Marketplace Why this website ?

!!! New free maintenance extension from SAP for several products !!!

SAP extends the maintenance for several products (e.g. R/3 4.6C, BW, ...) at no extra charge in order to support the customers in using the investments for a longer period of time.

At least the following products are extended:

  • R/3 4.6C by 9 months until December 2006

  • BW 2.0B and 2.1C by 10 months until December 2005

  • BW 3.0B and 3.1 Content by 13 months until December 2006

  • APO 3.0 and 3.1 by 12 months until December 2005

  • APO liveCache 7.2/7.4 until December 2005

  • Enterprise Portal 5.0 by 9 months until September 2005

  • Workplace 2.11 by 15 months until September 2005

You can find more information on the SAP Service Marketplace at the alias /maintenance at:
http://service.sap.com/maintenance (just hit on the link in the "Spotlight" area)

General information on the SAP Release Strategy and the maintenance timeframes for all SAP Products can be viewed at:


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