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Easy Service Marketplace Why this website ?

New iSeries Codepage-Conversion Class UABC92 in Germany (24./25.10.05)

Locations and dates of the course UABC92 in 2005:

  • Germany, Walldorf: 24./25.10.05
Everybody, that would like to do the codepage conversion from EBCDIC to ASCII on its own, should register for this class, as this class is taught only very rarely and perhaps the last time.
You can book the 2 days class UABC92 at your SAP local support.
If you are having problems with the booking PLEASE let us know via this Feedback link!

For sure, this class will be taught in english - even when the SAPNet until a few days ago mentioned german. We will teach it in the language, that is needed for the recipients.

Course Content UABC92 - iSeries CPC:
  • R/3 on iSeries - EBCDIC and ASCII
  • Why Codepage-Conversion to ASCII ?
  • Effects of a Codepage Conversion (e.g. special EBCDIC-ASCII-issues)
  • SAP Codepage Conversion service
  • Requirements for Codepage Conversion
  • Codepage Conversion process (Enrolement, project, approval, hardware- procurement, remote, access, ...)
  • Codepage Conversion tools
  • Difference between the InPlace and the Export/Import Approach
  • CodepageConversion - preparation
  • Demonstration of a Codepage Conversion InPlace

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