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You are using NT, Linux, .. as SAP platform? EasyMarketplace.de

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!!! Activate your Single Sign On (SSO) in order to remove the many passwords requests !!!
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ECC 6.0 Maintenance Extension up to 2020

SAP offers to all customers running ECC 6.0 with or without enhancement packs (and the other major parts of "SAP Business Suite 7") a free maintenance extension of 5 further years up to 2020.
So, ECC 6 or ERP 6 is in the Stand ...

ELENA Issues with https connection - only http will work ...

SAP and ZSS are having some issues with the https connection since changes on the ZSS site. The complete root cause seems to be not really clear. Now, http only is supported for customers.
This does NOT mean, that it would be no longer safe to ...

Detailed Description on SAP Authorization Objects

SAP delivers Authorization Objects in order to allow access to the SAP-System. A detailed description of these authorization objects is shown here for all of the several hundred authorization objects.

Complete Au ...

V5R4 StartSap Issues with CUM TC10117

With CUM TC10117 SAP sometimes does not start anymore. A solution is the installation of PTF SI36679.

The infoapar will be updated shortly and then reflect the new really needed PTF SI36679.


OS/400 7.1 certified for SAP on System i

As of today, all newer SAP products are supported to run on the latest IBM OS release
for system i named 7.1 or V7R1.

When you are interested to move to 7.1 ( V7R1, V7R1M0 ), you should have a look at the current 7.1 infoapar f ...

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