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Very new Database Monitor (Plan Cache) without Performance Problems on V5R4

New & Fast Database Monitor on V5R4M0 based on the Plancache Dump:

IBM/SAP released a new Database Monitor, based on the Plan Cache, that has more or less no perfromance penalty at all. Therefore, it should be always turned on.

As of V5R4 with the latest Kernel Patches, you should make use of the very new database monitor!
It can be turned on very easy:
as4/dbmon/enable = 1
as4/dbmon/classic = 0
(even when this parameter is not known to RZ10)

You only need the latest PTFs and the latest Kernel Patches. Then everything else stays the same.
For more information, please have a look at the following note:
1083218 - iSeries: Analysis of Plan Cache for DB2 on i5/OS

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