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iSeries (AS/400) Systemcopy Guides

The following documentation on system copy is available in PDF format.

Homogeneous System Copy Guides

SAP Homogenious System Copy Documentation
Homogeneous System Copy 6.10 (51014380)
Homogeneous System Copy 4.6CSR2/4.6D (51013678)
Homogeneous System Copy 4.5B (51005998)
Homogeneous System Copy 4.0B (51002964)
Homogeneous System Copy 3.1ISR1 (51011128)

Migration - Heterogeneous System Copy

This service is needed, if the database, operating system or the codepage (EBCDIC<=>ASCII) shall become changed. This service is charged by SAP, because SAP delivers checks, similar to an EarlyWatch, of the old system before the OS/DB-Migration and of the new system after the OS/DB-Migration.

General information about the OS DB Migration

Get the migration key

Heterogenious System Copy Guides

SAP Heterogenious System Copy Documentation
Heterogenious System Copy 4.6CSR1/4.6D (51010925)
Heterogenious System Copy 4.5B (?????)
Heterogenious System Copy 4.0BSR1 (?????)
Heterogenious System Copy 3.1ISR1 (51011129)

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