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SAP on iSeries (AS/400) Documentation

SAP Installation Guides for iSeries

SAP Upgrade Guides for iSeries

SAP System Copy Guides

Codepage Conversion from EBCDIC to ASCII

Other SAP Documentation

SAP Installation & Upgrade Guides for all Platforms

IBM iSeries Documentation

New "Implementing SAP applications on the IBM System i platform with IBM i5/OS" Redbook (SG24-7166-00) in the web

New "An Overview of Installing SAP applications on System i models" Redpaper (REDP-4189-00) in the web

Old, but still in use "Implementing SAP R/3 on OS/400" Redbook (SG24-4672-03) in the web

iSeries Infocenter

Online iSeries Database Information

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